Liquid Poets Members,

I want to give you more details about Big Brew, which is on May 2, less than a month away!  Dan Seavey has graciously volunteered his back yard for the event; thank you Dan.  He lives near Edora Park, a nice convenient location.  Here are the basics:
When: National Homebrew Day, May 2, 9am-6pm
Where: 2100 Eastwood Dr., Fort Collins, CO
Who: Liquid Poets members and their families
What: Bring your system and brew beer alongside your fellow club members
Why: Because homebrew clubs around the nation are all doing the same thing on the same day!  Ever year, we all try to break the record set the previous year.
If you’ve never been to a Big Brew event before, it involves everyone bringing their homebrew rigs over to Dan’s house, where we will brew beer, ooh and aah over each other’s systems, grill food, drink beer, and generally have a really fun time.  We keep track of the number of batches and gallons brewed to report to the AHA.  There is a nationwide toast at 11am our time, when people around the country will all raise their glasses together in celebration of this glorious hobby.  There are even a few recipes chosen each year that you can brew at the event if you are so inclined.  Here’s the AHA’s Big Brew page for more info on that:
What we ask is that you bring everything you need to brew a batch of beer except the water, which will be provided.  Extra hoses, tools, containers for spent grain and chill water, and maybe an extra hop scale for the forgetful ones are always appreciated.  Please bring a plywood board or something to put under your propane burner so we don’t all scorch Dan’s yard.  Cider, wine, and mead counts too, so bring the stuff for that if it’s a lot easier for you than bringing your system.
The club will provide proteins to grill, so everyone please bring a side dish, dessert, or non-alcoholic beverage to share.  I would encourage you to bring your own camping chair or two, and don’t forget the sunscreen!  The event will begin at 9am and we will try to get out of Dan’s hair by evening or whenever he needs to kick the last of us out.  You can contact Dan at if you need to make any special arrangements outside of those hours.  As always, please respect the home and wishes of our gracious host.
The last thing I need is 5 volunteers to brew beer in advance of the event, to be served AT the event. The club has a sweet draft system to serve homebrew out of your corny keg.  Alex has volunteered his kolsch and Matt Smith will provide a Flanders red.  The club will reimburse you for your ingredients if you keep your receipt, and if you brew this weekend you can make something just in time!  I’m especially hoping to get an IPA or pale ale or two on the list, something low-mid alcohol range and great for sipping on a hot day.  Please write back to me to sign up to bring beer to the event.
We’ll keep you posted on more details as we get closer, but that is the gist of it.  Looking forward to brewing alongside all of you on May 2.