Liquid Poets Society Style of the Month

LPS – Styles of the Month

Below is the schedule for the next 12 months for Style of the Month. Bring your homebrew in the style listed below and join your fellow home brewers in a lively discussion about the style. Find out how your beer stacks up against the BJCP definition!

March 2017: Sours

Bring your super sours, tart sours, barrel-aged sours, kettle sours, and spontaneously fermented sour ales. Get your lacto pedio mojo flowing and let’s get puckered.

BJCP Categories:
– 23 – European Sour Ale
– 28b – American Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer
– 28c – American Wild Specialty Beer

April 2017: Farmhouse/Saison

Wrap yourself in your stankiest horse blanket or get fruity, spicy and hoppy with this wide-ranging style.
BJCP Categories:
– 25b – Saison
– 28a – Brett Beer

May 2017: American Pale Ale

‘Merica! Embrace new world hop varieties and let’s see what kind of American homebrewing ingenuity you and a couple billion of your yeast buddies can muster up.
BJCP Categories:
– 18 – American Pale Ale

June 2017: AHA Big Brew Recipes

Brewing at big brew? If not – shame! If so, consider brewing on the official AHA 2017 Big Brew recipes. They have posted the recipes here – let’s see who can make the best Big Brew beer. GiddyUp!

July 2017: IPA

Oh hops, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Let me separate the glowing folds of your moist cone and bask in the lusciousness of your fragrant essence. Or, if you;’re into that British IPA thing, get those 3-year-old hops out of the freezer and give those beta acids a chance to prove that the old guys still got game.
BJCP Categories:
– 12C – British IPA
– 21 – IPA
– 22A – Double IPA

August 2017: Session Beers and Session Meads

Is there such a think as a crushable mead? (We already know what you think, Kyle). Let’s see what the club can concoct for lawn-mowing, poolside-drinking, double-brew-day companion beers. We’re defining session for this month as < 5% for beers and 7.5% for meads.

September 2017: Fest Beers/Euro Lagers

Dirndls and lederhosen are recommended for the kick off of beer festival season. Or grow out your mullet, put on some David Hasselhoff tunes and let’s hit the discotek. Either way, let’s clank some steins and live lager-than-life.
BJCP Categories:
– 4 – Pale Malty European Lager
– 6 – Amber Malty European Lagers

October 2017: Porter & Stout

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. You say porter, I say stout. Let’s see what’s what in this celebration of dark maltiness (white stouts permitted, also).
BJCP Categories:
– 13c – English Porter
– 15b – Irish Stout
– 15 – Irish Extra Stout
– 16 – Dark British Beer
– 20 – American Porter & Stout

November 2017: Belgian Lights

Kicking off two months of Belgian beers, we start with the lighter side (color, not ABV) of Belgium. We’re talking about Belgian pales, golden strong ales, & tripels.
BJCP Categories:
– 24 – Belgian Pale Ale
– 25 – Strong Belgian Ale
– 25A – Belgian Blond Ale
– 26C – Belgian Tripel

December 2017: Belgian Darks

Our trip to Belgium continues to this month as we turn to the darker side of the style.(dubbels and dark strongs)
BJCP Categories:
– 24 – Belgian Pale Ale
– 25 – Strong Belgian Ale
– 26B – Belgian Dubbel
– 26D – Belgian Dark Strong Ale

January 2018: Meads

This month we will explore the mead-ing of life. If you’ve never brewed a mead before, you really should give it a go. A versatile and lovely beverage, be warned that making mead is addictive. And we really mead it.
BJCP Categories:
– M1 – Traditional Mead
– M2 – Fruit Mead
– M3 – Spiced Mead
– M4 – Specialty Mead

February 2018: Big Beers

Sometimes bigger really is better. This month, bring your homebrew that clocks in at over 9% ABV. These Uber beers mean you should probably Uber your way home.