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    Kyle Byerly

    I’m working on getting a clean (no brett or sour bacteria) red wine barrel. My preference is to do a batch or two of non sour brew, then sour it up. It would be project for 13 people to do ‘5Gallon’ batches for the 59Gallon barrel.

    Ideas I had for non sour is imperial saison, imperal brown, or golden strong. But I’m open to ideas.

    I should know in a week or so what type of barrel I’m able to get (type of wine, how neutral, exact size, etc).


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    This sounds like fun. I am in if you still need people to brew. The Golden Strong sounds good to me. Let me know,


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    Jesse McConnell

    Kyle, I would be interested in participating if you are still looking for people. Jesse

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    Matt Smith

    You can always count me in for a barrel project. I’m already in a lot of other barrel projects though, so I’m willing to give others who aren’t in any projects yet a chance to get in before me, but if you still need more people then let me know. A Golden Strong sounds good to me too.

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    Dave Rosso

    I’m in the same boat as Matt, willing to be a part but already in several so let some new people in if you can.

    In my experience you want something a little lighter to go with a wine barrel as the subtle flavors will get overpowered by bigger maltier beers like a brown. The Golden or Saison should work pretty good assuming they are not hugely Imperial. I would keep it around 6-7% ABV IMHO.

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    Jason L Connor

    @kc0dhb I’m in if you’re still looking for folks. I’m willing to roll with whatever recipe you want.

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    I’d be up for whatever style. Count me in.

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    Kyle Byerly

    The 9% saison we took out of Matt’s red Zin barrel was only 9%.

    I’m looking at end of June (hopefully the 22nd or 23rd) to fill.

    Need 13 5 Gallon batches.
    Kyle: 5G
    Chris Osborn: 5G
    Jesse McConnell: 5G
    Matt Smith: 5G
    Jason Conner: 5G
    Todd Weaver: 5G
    Dave Rosso: 5G (will get bumped if new folks come in)
    Brewer here: x7-8

    Potential recipe
    This is a golden strong I’ve done a few times… pretty simple.

    gravity 1.075-1.080
    ~30IBUs of hops
    90 minute boil
    150F mash

    for 75% efficiency and 10 gallons
    30lb of pils, 100%
    1oz @ fwh/90 of Hallertauer
    1oz @ fwh/90 of tettnang
    1oz @ 25 of Hallertauer
    1oz @ 25 of tettnang
    1oz @ 15 of Hallertauer
    1oz @ 15 of tettnang
    Trappist High Gravity or Golden Strong yeast

    Feel free to add a lb of honey if you’re under gravity.
    Ferment starting at 66-68 and ramp to mid 70s by day 3 or 4.


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    Hey Kyle,

    If you still need brewers for this, Brett and I can also do five gallons. I don’t want to bump anyone off though!

    – Meg

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    Jason L Connor

    Looks good to me. I vote for the Golden Strong yeast, if you’re taking input. Otherwise I’m up for anything.

    @meg, I’m pretty sure there’s room for you.

    Profile photo of Kyle Byerly
    Kyle Byerly

    Looking more like the 29th or 30th to fill due to number signed up now.

    Meg, you’re in.

    I slightly prefer the Golden Strong yeast, or Ingelmunster to Trappist High Gravity, but substitutions as needed.

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    Sounds great. Either of those days works well for me.

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    I’m in if there is a spot open. Jack

    Profile photo of Matt Kunze
    Matt Kunze

    I’m in if there’s still room

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    Alison Rosso

    I’m excited to go in on this with Dave, provided we have any empty fermentors we can use . . .

    Quick warning about yeast availability, though: The WLP Belgian Golden (and its Wyeast equivalent, Belgian Strong) are not strains that Hops & Berries tends to carry a lot of at once. If you haven’t already talked to him about it, I can try to have Taylor order extras next time we place an order, but I’m not sure if they will come in time for people to have this ready by end of June.

    Maybe someone (I suggest Dave) could make a really big starter to share with a few people? Jason, do you still have a yeast cake from your Big Brew beer, by chance?

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