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    The Alchemist

    Hi guys and gals. New to the site but have been lurking here for awhile now. I have a question about dry hopping to pose if I may.

    I have done quite a bit of dry hopping in the past, but this Friday I plan on brewing up an all-grain double IPA, by far the biggest all-grain beer i’ve ever brewed. The recipe I put together calls for a whopping 8 ounces of dry hops. I typically rack to a secondary carboy and dry hop for 2 weeks, but the most i’ve ever used in the past is four ounces. So my question is: Is two weeks too long a period to dry hop for since I’m using such a large amount of hops? I’ve scoured the internet on this subject and have come across conflicting opinions and information, so I pose it to you fine people. Any help is much appreciated.

    On a different subject I plan on attending your next meeting at Equinox in June and look forward to meeting those of you I haven’t met yet. If all goes well I hope to become a member of the Liquid Poets. See you then!

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    Matt Smith

    Is this for a 5 gal batch? If so, that’s a lot of dry hops! I’d be more concerned with how much beer I would lose with that amount of hops than anything else, but your mileage may vary. I don’t think 2 weeks is too long at all for dry hopping. Some people might say you will start to get a vegetal taste after about 2 weeks, but I have done huge dry hop additions for up to 3 weeks without any ill effects. If you look at the recipe for Pliny the Elder, they dry hop that for 14 days, and then do a second round of dry hopping for another 5 days. So I would say go for it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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    The Alchemist

    Ok thanks so much, Matt. And yes, it’s for a five gallon batch so we’ll see how much liquid I lose. Will also be doing between 7 and 8 ounces of hops at various points during the boil, still working out the numbers on it. I’m an outta control hop junkie so I wanted to do a “go big or go home” IPA this time. Last IPA I brewed used much more delicate hops (fruity and floral with medium bitterness and lots of aroma) so I wanted an IPA to counterbalance that batch.

    Just glad to know I can stick to my normal dry hop schedule and probably be ok.

    Thanks again!


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    Jay Shambo

    I’d second the two round dry hopping. If it’s where you want it in terms of hop aroma after the first you can rack it and save yourself some hops and liquid loss.
    Either way, it doesn’t seem like too much DH for a IIPA.
    I’ve dry hopped beers for 2 weeks before and never noticed any negatives.

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    Taylor Caron

    This just adds to my confusion on the subject. I’ve always stuck to four days, doing another round if needed, but a few months ago my characteristic lazy sloppiness allowed 2oz of cascade to sit in an amber for right about two weeks. I’ve made the Rx a few times before, but this had a decided “here’s me chewing on leaf hops” element.

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    The Alchemist

    <cite>@hopaholic said:</cite>
    I’ve made the Rx a few times before, but this had a decided “here’s me chewing on leaf hops” element.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing! Anyway, all kidding aside, I tried a bottle of this last night, and even though it’s hoppy as hell I didn’t get the “chewing on hop leaves” taste in my mouth. The beer has only been bottle conditioning for 2 weeks and I’m guessing it needs another 5 to 7 days to reach full carbonation. Can’t be 100% sure until I taste it in another week or so but this may be the first recipe I’ve ever developed that won’t require any tweaking whatsoever. But admittedly I’m a hop junkie so I’m undoubtedly palate-jaded when it comes down to hoppy beers. I’ll bring a few bottles to the next meeting for tasting and critique.

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