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Poetry Slam Homebrew Competition
Liquid Poets annual homebrew competition once held in the spring, now held in the fall, hosts roughly 300 entries, 40 judges/stewards, and 15 Pro Brewers selecting ProAms!

Quarterly Club Comp (Member Only Mini Competition)
Liquid Poets host a club mini-comp nearly every quarter. This includes elements of iron-brewer and other fun quirks to keep members on their toes. Judges range from novice beer drinkers to local brewers and prizes range from sweet high fives to Pro-Am experiences. Winners also get a heavy hand in picking the next comp’s theme/style. Must be Liquid Poet Member to participate.

Other homebrew comps to note:
Sweetheart’s Revenge; Weiz Guys – Loveland, CO; February
Mazer Cup International Mead Competition – Broomfield, CO; March
Peak-To-Peak ProAm Competition – Longmont, CO; March
– Lists of more registered comps: and American Homebrewers Association ,

More on judging and styles can be found at the Beer Judge Certification Program

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