What does Liquid Poet membership mean?

While monthly meetings are free to attend, becoming a member is a great way to take full advantage of our local homebrew community and our dedicated educational events. Members help direct club activities and programing. We take pride in building community, contributing to charity, and growing the love of home brewing.

If would like to attend a meeting, you can simply just show up to a meeting, but we would love to know in advance that you are coming. Just send us an email at

The annual membership fee is $25 per person per year with an additional $10 for a double membership (two members in the same household). 

To become an official member simply send your membership fee via PayPal to

Our treasurer or membership coordinator will reach out to you and make sure you on all the correct email distribution groups so you quickly get involved.

What does membership include?

  • Yearly limited edition Liquid Poets tasting glass
  • “Quarterly” Events
    – Holiday Party*
    – Big Brew*
    – Summer BBQ*
    – Poetry Slam
    *club provides food and covers the cost of ingredients to provide homebrew!
  • Quarterly Mini Competition (potential Pro-Am opportunities!)
  • Sour Barrel Program
  • Fresh pick on new merchandise orders
  • Access to club equipment; tap board, cooler, pitcher, etc
  • Field trips, club-wide collaborations, live brew demos
  • More being added at member request!

American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is separate membership from our club, but we highly recommend being a member of both. AHA provides resources and discounts nation wide as well as early access to GABF tickets. Plus, the Liquid Poets get a discount on insurance if we have over 75% of our members being AHA. Win-Win!