Quarterly Club (Mini) Competitions

Liquid Poets host an intra club mini-comp nearly every quarter. This can include various fun quirks to keep members on their toes. Judges range from novice beer drinkers to local brewers and prizes range from sweet high fives to Pro-Am experiences. Winners receive the “Traveling Trophy” Mash Paddle plus a heavy hand in picking the next comps theme/style. You must be a Liquid Poet Member to participate.

In order to let Poets prepare, we announce the rules ahead of time; see the current competition below. To participate, simply show up to the listed meeting with a bottle for judges and some to share with the club!

“Traveling Trophy” Mash Paddle; Credit Stephanie Sears

Current Competition

  • The club comp for 1Q23 to be judged at the March meeting.  The comp is:

Scottish Ale (Except WeeHeavy)

Bring two bottles with plain caps to the March Mtg at SweetWater Brewing


Previous Mini-Comps

List of Previous Winners
4Q22 – Winter Seasonal with an assistant

Winner; Doc Damon, assisted by Mike Boesen – Saint Arnold Christmas Ale clone.

First ever presentation of the Traveling Trophy
3.6.2020; DC Oakes – Chocolate Sweet Stout