Mini Competitions

Liquid Poets host an intra club mini-comp nearly every quarter. This includes elements of iron-brewer and other fun quirks to keep members on their toes. Judges range from novice beer drinkers to local brewers and prizes range from sweet high fives to Pro-Am experiences. Winners receive the “Traveling Trophy” Mash Paddle plus a heavy hand in picking the next comps theme/style. Must be Liquid Poet Member to participate.

In order to let Poets prepare, we try to announce ahead of time; see the current comp list. To participate, simply show up to the listed meeting with a bottle for judges and some to share with the club!

“Traveling Trophy” Mash Paddle; Credit Stephanie Sears

Current Competition

  • The club comp for 3Q22 to be judged at the June meeting.  The comp is:

Winter seasonal recipes and styles (BJCP Category 30C) – must be assisted by a fellow Liquid Poet.


Previous Mini-Comps

List of Previous Winners
3Q22 – Ukrainian / Eastern European

Winner; Mike Boesen – Lithuanian Farmhouse using a no boil mash and sourdough yeast.

First ever presentation of the Traveling Trophy
3.6.2020; DC Oakes – Chocolate Sweet Stout