Quarantine Virtual Brew

Quarantine is the perfect time to homebrew. Let our hobby bring us socially together while physically distant. This is the site for poets to find other poets streaming their brewday and how to share theirs. Contact president@liquidpoets.com if you would like to host a live steam brew day, bottle/keg day, transfer, yeast prop, etc.

These are hosted by ZOOM. Download and create an account for free here; https://zoom.us/


DATE: Sunday; 4.4.20
TIME: TBA (11-12ish strike time)
HOST: Doug Ingersoll
INFO: Side by side double batch: NEIPA and Choco-Stout. NEIPA will be done on a cooler mash tun system with a generic boil kettle. Stout will be done on a 3 teir system and cold steeped dark grains.

March Member Meeting via Zoom. Great success!