Styles of the Month for 2015

Below is the list of Styles of the Month for the whole year.  If you want to bring your version of a few of these when the time comes, get brewin’!

We are looking for people to lead the panel for each style.    You don’t have to be a BJCP judge to lead the panel, just know a fair bit about the style and be prepared to talk about how the beers you are tasting compare to the style guidelines.  Please e-mail president [at] if you would like to volunteer.  I already have a few people lined up, but not enough for the whole year.  Thanks for your participation!

January 11. English Brown Ale
February 26A. Metheglin (spiced mead)
March 9D. Irish Red Ale
April 6B. Blonde Ale
May 5A. Maibock/Helles Bock
June 10A. American Pale Ale
July 15A. Weizen/Weissbier
August 17B. / 17C. Flanders Red Ale / Flanders Brown Ale / Oud Bruin
September 14. India Pale Ale
October 27. Standard Cider and Perry
November 9B. Scottish Heavy 70/-
December 18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale



February LP Meeting

Dear Poets and Muses:

Get ready to visit Fort Collins’ newest brewery, Zwei Bruder, for our LP meeting on Feb 5th.  (If it’s not the newest, I apologize; I can’t keep up with all the new brewery action these days!)  Remember that you are always welcome to come early to a meeting to try the house beers, so if you haven’t been there yet, here’s your opportunity.

February’ style of the month is 26A, Metheglin (spiced mead). The panel will be led by the ubiquitous Kyle Byerly, who will bring some homemade meads to add to the commercial examples I’ll bring. The mead panel is always very popular, so please bring a metheglin if you have one, so there is more to share.

If you haven’t paid your 2015 dues yet, Jesse can help you with that at the meeting.  Remember, we will be wiping the e-mail list after March’s meeting, so make sure you turn in your form and dues by then to stay on this super awesome and informative list, and also to get your new taster glass and name tag.

The new yearly dues are as follows:

o    Single membership: $25 ($15 after July 1) for an individual adult

o    Couple membership: $30 ($20 after July 1) for two adults in the same household

Here is our regular meeting agenda:

Beer Social: For the first half hour of the meeting we hang out, meet, and greet old friends and new members alike. Try other’s homebrewed beer, cider, and mead, and have others try yours. Essentially geek out about our hobby for a bit. New members, keep an eye out for the Board members who will be introduced during the announcements; any of them will be happy to introduce you around! And don’t forget, this is a club of homebrewers and homebrewers homebrew, so please bring in your homemade fermented beverages to share!

Tasting Panel: This is a small break-out group that gives each other direct feedback on the homebrew you bring. It will be run by an experienced, long-time member of the club.  This group is more in-depth and direct than our beer social portion of the evening, but still informal. If you’d like to get and/or give direct feedback on homebrew, this is the group for you. If you have homebrew with a defect, bring it here! This is an excellent opportunity to learn about defects, to experience them, and to learn how to avoid them in the future.

Style of the Month: One of our most popular groups, this group reviews a different BJCP subcategory every month. In this group, you’ll go over the category, drink some commercial examples, and compare them with the guidelines. Then repeat with beer brewed by club members! If you’re interested in how BJCP judging works, this is an excellent group to get involved with.