Liquid Poets Board Positions

President – This position is responsible for leading the club at meetings and through the year.  They will work closely with other board members as well as delegate to non-board members to get things done.  They will be responsible for announcing meetings and other news pertinent to the membership.  They represent the club and are responsible for outreach and welcoming new members.  They are responsible for the Monthly newsletter to the membership.  Finally, they are responsible for calling together the board for meetings which traditionally happen quarterly but are at the discretion of the president.  Ultimately, this is not a difficult or time consuming position. It is mainly a communication position and is nice if you can provide some energy and excitement about and/or behind the club.

Vice President – This position is responsible for backing the president in all of the previously mentioned duties, especially when the President is not able.

Events Coordinator – This position is responsible for coordinating with all the other breweries in town to provide an annual meeting schedule.  They are the contact between the club and the breweries for club meetings.  They are responsible for confirming meeting arrangements in the week(s) prior to the meeting.  They are also responsible for coordinating all other events that the LPs get involved including, Summer BBQ, Xmas Party, and other Beer events.

Competition Coordinator - This position is responsible for conducting, coordinating, planning, and arranging all things competition for the LPs.  The main event is the LP Slam that happens in April.  This is a very time consuming position and will require effort, however, it is very important for the club.  The Competition Coordinator will also appoint an Assistant Competition Coordinator to assist with the competition-related duties.

Treasurer – This position handles the finances of the club.  They are responsible for cutting checks to the appropriate people when necessary.  They also are the person who deals with the bank.  This position requires an organized and reliable person.  They are responsible for doing all the book work also – making sure all the pluses and minus add up.

Board-at-large (4) – These positions are advisory positions for the other positions.  They represent the rest of the membership at the board meetings.  They often are involved with committees and sub groups to get other things done behind the scenes such as website work, etc…

This is a rough list of the responsibilities and is in no way complete.  The important thing to remember is that this is a volunteer group and the only way things get done is by volunteering your time.

October LP Meeting

Poets and Muses:

Our September meeting will be held at Snowbank from 7-9pm on the 9th.

This month’s agenda:

Board Challenge: This month we are issuing the latest board challenge: Xmas Beers! Brew a beer for the holidays and we’ll judge it in January.

Beer Social: For the first half hour of the meeting we hang out, meet and greet old friends and new members alike. Try other’s homebrew and have others try yours. Essentially geek out about our hobby for a bit. New members, keep an eye out for Alison Rosso, she is our new member ambassador and is happy to introduce you around! And don’t forget, this is a club of homebrewers and homebrewers homebrew, so please bring in your homemade fermented beverages to share!

Tasting Panel: This is a small break out group that gives each other direct feedback on the homebrew you bring. This group more in depth and direct than our beer social portion of the evening, but still not as formal as other break out groups. If you’d like to get and/or give direct feedback on homebrew, this is the group for you. If you have homebrew with a defect, bring it here! This is an excellent opportunity to learn about defects, to experience them, and to learn how to avoid them in the future.

Style of the Month: One of our most popular groups, this group reviews a different BJCP subcategory every month. In this group you’ll go over the category, drink some commercial examples and compare them with the guidelines. Then repeat with beer brewed by club members! If you’re interested in how BJCP judging works, this is an excellent group to get involved with.

The style this month is Bière de Garde. This has to be one of the most esoteric styles in the world. I’ve got some amazing commercial examples to try. I also know there’s a few of you in the club that brew this beer. I’m seriously hoping to see a homebrew or two.

And don’t forget to brew for the upcoming styles: November is Oud Bruin (Flanders Brown Ale) and December is Baltic Porter.

Cheers everybody!