September LP Meeting

Poets and Muses:

Our September meeting will be held at Black Bottle from 7-9pm on the 4th.

This month’s agenda:

Board Challenge: This month we are judging our board challenge . This month’s challenge is focused on the extract beers containing no more than 20% steeping grains. If you bring in a bottle, make sure to label it with your name and the style. We’ll announce the winners and give out awards toward the end of the meeting.

Beer Social: For the first half hour of the meeting we hang out, meet and greet old friends and new members alike. Try other’s homebrew and have others try yours. Essentially geek out about our hobby for a bit. New members, keep an eye out for Alison Rosso, she is our new member ambassador and is happy to introduce you around! And don’t forget, this is a club of homebrewers and homebrewers homebrew, so please bring in your homemade fermented beverages to share!

Tasting Panel: This is a small break out group that gives each other direct feedback on the homebrew you bring. This group more in depth and direct than our beer social portion of the evening, but still not as formal as other break out groups. If you’d like to get and/or give direct feedback on homebrew, this is the group for you. If you have homebrew with a defect, bring it here! This is an excellent opportunity to learn about defects, to experience them, and to learn how to avoid them in the future.

Style of the Month: One of our most popular groups, this group reviews a different BJCP subcategory every month. In this group you’ll go over the category, drink some commercial examples and compare them with the guidelines. Then repeat with beer brewed by club members! If you’re interested in how BJCP judging works, this is an excellent group to get involved with.

The style this month is American Brown (10C). I’ve tasted some really excellent examples of this style at club meetings and I am hoping that some folks will step up and bring in examples for the tasting.

And don’t forget to brew for the upcoming styles: October is Biere de Garde and November is Oud Bruin (Flanders Brown Ale).

Cheers everybody!