Sour Barrel Program

Story of our Barrel

History – this is an old Leopold Brothers wooden barrel from multiple trees. This project has been going on for many years. The barrel has gone through many washes to tame the active cultures living in the wood and thriving off our contributions. Ten to eleven participants contribute 5 gals to fill the 55 gal barrel, but only retrieve 4-4.5 gal due to the sour beers angles share. Many of these older versions are still out there and show up to meetings to be shared, especially when a new one has just been removed to try side by side. It is a truly unique experience.

How to get Involved

Whenever the barrel decides a beer is finished, all Liquid Poets members will be notified a new batch is to be made. Any member interested is invited to collaborate on what the next style will be. Once style is decided, 8-12 members (plus 1-2 backups) will be selected to contribute 5 gal with priority going to new participants. Participants coordinate a blending party shortly after the previous batch’s removal party. Once aged many months, and depending on the strength of the cultures, contributors will be called for their own removal party as the process starts all over again.

Current Contents

Blonde Ale – Filled on Feb 27, 2022

Contributors – Gallons: Craig – 10, Chad – 10, Rob – 10, Fred – 5, Kevin – 5, Denney – 5, Doug – 5, Petr – 5

Previous Batches

I will have to ask more seasoned members than I.